Executive Committee

Salvatore Fabozzi



Alana Bichusky

Senior Vice President


Liz Vosburgh

Vice President of Scholarships and Awards

Liz’s position within Delta Sigma Pi entails nominating brothers for national recognition, recognizing and encouraging the academic success of brothers, and awarding chapter and school scholarships.

Peter Bilzerian

Vice President of Finance

Peter’s role as Vice President of Finance is to help manage and organize all financial documentation for the fraternity.


Vice President of Chapter Operations


Cameron Marsh



Eric Carlo

Vice President of Professional Activities

Eric’s position within Delta Sigma Pi entails hosting and planning professional events that spark interest within our chapter.

Adit Shetty

Vice President of Community Service

Adit’s position in Epsilon Lambda chapter is Vice President of Community Service and is held responsible for planning community service events that all of the brothers in the chapter participate in.

Amelia Sykes

Vice President of Pledge Education


Edmon Rober

Vice President of Alumni Relations



Eric Carlo